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Step 1 | Confirm your Organization's Initial and Annual Training

CareAcademy automatically assigns the training your learners need to meet your state's requirements so that you don't have to. Your dashboard has been set up with CareAcademy's recommended training for private pay non-medical learners in your state. Check this out within the Curriculum tool on your dashboard.
Are you interested in customizing your agency's initial and annual training? Do you hire different levels of learners (Companionship, PCA, etc.) and wish to assign a different curriculum per role? Are you reimbursed by a public payer, like Medicare or Medicaid?
Not a problem! Our Curriculum tool can assist with that. Watch our training video for step-by-step instructions on how easy it is to update the training you offer.
CareAcademy Tip: We highly recommend confirming the curriculum you wish to offer before uploading staff to your dashboard to ensure your learners get the correct assigned classes.

Step 2 | Add Learners to your Dashboard

IMPORTANT: If you have a back-office integration connected with CareAcademy, please add your learners via your back-office system.
If you signed up for 25 or more users per month, our team would be more than happy to complete a one-time bulk upload of learners and admins to your dashboard to get you started. Below, you'll find a caregiver bulk upload spreadsheet with the following information:
  1. Bulk upload guidelines
  2. Learner information template
Please complete this template as soon as possible and email it to our Customer Success team at hello@careacademy.com - we'll take it from there! Include your agency name, city, and state in the subject line.
Not interested in a bulk upload or signed up for less than 25 users? Adding a new caregiver shouldn't take longer than a minute! When adding a caregiver, we'll ask for some basic information (name, email, mobile number, hire date, etc.) and if you'd like them to be enrolled in initial or annual training. Watch our training video to learn more.
Click here to download the "CareAcademy Learner Bulk Upload" Template


Are you interested in watching a complete tour of how your CareAcademy dashboard works?


Watch the full CareAcademy Dashboard Tour here.

Step 3 | Self-Guided CareAcademy Tutorial
We've created bite-size step-by-step videos for you to learn at your own pace. Click on the play button to get started!
Managing Administrator Access (1:52)
Assigning Additional Training (5:36)
Waiving Classes (4:56)
Viewing Training Progress (1:49)
Messaging (3:52)
Compliance Reports (3:48)
Completion Certificates (3:51)



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